OC Torysa

OC Torysa
OC Torysa
OC Torysa
OC Torysa

Object description


Business center Torysa is located in the city district Košice – Sídlisko Dargovských hrdinov (Furča) at Jaltská street no. 2 whose construction began in 1976.

Facilities with a total capacity exceeding 6 000 m2 in excellent location offer services of LABAŠ Ltd. (FRESH supermarket), TESCO STORES, s.c., Prima Banka Slovakia, s.c., NIKÉ and company Ltd. and other smaller bussines operation.

Floor Spaces Available
1st floor 1 0
Ground floor 16 0
1st floor 6 2
Ground floor 9 2
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OC Torysa
Košice-Dargovských hrdinov
Slovenská republika